Love Me or Leave Me

You know that joint across the street where
Helen Terral is singing? The oval Room?

Who do you think I had here tonight taking
a gander at you? Just the owner, that's all.

A close, personal pal. We're getting
together Monday to chew it over.

Now does that sound like I think
you're a tr...? A what you said.

You got no idea the plans I've got.
If I go to Al Gaxley's for the weekend.
Well, what do you want of me?
I'm human.

I'm stuck on you.
Thank you, Marty.
Now let me be honest with you too.
In the time that I've known you, you've
become more important to me than anyone.

And I like you...
...but I'm not stuck on you.
Maybe it's because getting someplace
is such a big thing to me.

It seems as if I don't have room
for anything else.

Not yet anyway.
Can you understand that?
Yeah, sure, Ruthie. Sure, but...
But when?
I don't know.
If you still want me to go,
give me a minute and I'll get dressed.

Take yourself the minute.
We'll go out and get a bite to eat.
:35:47'll never be sorry.
What do you mean?
I'm sorry already.
I'll wait for you out in the car.
Only hurry up.

What a day I've had.
My feet are killing me.