Love Me or Leave Me

Maybe it's because getting someplace
is such a big thing to me.

It seems as if I don't have room
for anything else.

Not yet anyway.
Can you understand that?
Yeah, sure, Ruthie. Sure, but...
But when?
I don't know.
If you still want me to go,
give me a minute and I'll get dressed.

Take yourself the minute.
We'll go out and get a bite to eat.
:35:47'll never be sorry.
What do you mean?
I'm sorry already.
I'll wait for you out in the car.
Only hurry up.

What a day I've had.
My feet are killing me.

Hey, Marty.
We're going downtown
to get a bite to eat.

Call the restaurant.
Tell them to get the champagne ready.

She don't wanna go away with you?
I don't want her to go,
how do you like that?

Bay cliff ain't the right kind of place
for a girl like her.

- She was great tonight, huh? A knockout.
- Yeah, great.

A little extra. You backed her up good.
Go on, take it.
Get yourself a dame.
Have a big time on me.

Table for three for Mr. Snyder. Yeah.
And champagne.
Yeah, that's right, the works. Right.