What do you want to try it on this time?
One of the baby rats?
How long before we know anything,

Well, there have been times
when the instability has caused death.

I meant, if it works.
Let me show you.
- You see that rabbit?
- Yes.

How old would you say he was?
Four months.
Look at the chart.
Six days!
Is it normal?
I ran a reflex test on him
after you went to bed last night.

The only difference between him
and the others...

is that he's healthier and stronger.
All the same,
we mustn't be in too much of a hurry.

We've got to lick this problem of instability.
Once we can control that,
we're ready for the ultimate test: on humans.

There mustn't be a mistake this time.
- I'll be back in a couple of hours.
- All right, Steve.

Science is science,
but a girl must get her hair done.

You'd better hurry though,
if you're going to catch that bus.

- It only stops on signal, you know.
- I know.

- Anything I can get for you?
- No, thanks.

We'll run those tissue tests
when you come back.

- Right.
- Have fun.

Have the prescription refilled
and be sure she takes it after every meal.