Tuntematon sotilas

'cause I got to go
to a Court Martial.

Killed two of them,
but this one I took.

He's big brass, he's a Captain.
- How do you know?

One of the boys speaks Russian.
He's a Captain,
leader of the patrol.

Who are you?
- Don't you know me?

I'm Antti Rokka.
Farmer from Karelia.

Now, an Army mannequin.
Take the prisoner away and get
an interpreter. A valuable man.

Tell me seriously -
why do you see discipline as such
a monster you have to fight it?

Don't know shit about discipline.
But I ain't decorating paths.

He's to blame.
He's been picking on me.

Bowing and scraping
don't do none of us no good.

I got a family in Karelia, and
you want me to jump like dog.

No way!
We're losing this war.
Sure, court martial me!
I ain't bowing to the brass.
We're half a million men here.

Do you think we're here
to stand at attention for you -

going "Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!"
What you call bowing and scraping
is a symbol of discipline.

Lack of discipline means -
that these half million men
can't do their job -

that of defending Finland.
They're not all like you.
Countless soldiers only
have your bad sides.

You said we've lost the war.
That's not true.

Nothing conclusive
has happened yet.

Everything's lost.
And me laying out pebbles.