Elena et les hommes

Madam Escoffier's parasol.
What timing.
We absolutely must meet again.
Every charm has its secret,
and I must learn this one.

Parasol approaching.
- When can I see you?
- Why? You don't need me.

Henri will arrange it.
Won't you, Henri?

Princess, this is Paulette Escoffier.
Princess Sorokowska.
- What a lovely day!
- What an awful crowd! I'm suffocating.

- I can't stand crowds.
- And I feel like kissing them all.

Go ahead. They're waiting.
I'm going.
Paris must be marvelous tonight.
- May I come with you?

I insist you do.
- Who gave you that flower?
- What flower?

It's ridiculous.
Beware of Paris
Beware of Paris
lts streets, its gray sky
For each woman, a caress
For each man, a mistress
Hold me close to you
It hurts, but I love it, too
No promises, only kisses
Wild passions of lads and misses
Beware of Paris
When the artillerymen of Metz
return to the base

All the ladies of the east
from their homes they race

To show the way
For the flush artilleryman

The heroes bring joy
To mothers and daughters

Artillerymen, dear brothers
Lift a glass to your health
And sing this gay chorus
Hurrah for artillerymen
women and wine