Friendly Persuasion

Thee old long arms!
Look! Pa's warming up Red Rover.
How a horse can look so fast
and move so slow beats me.

Thee can hitch him up, Enoch.
You got him nice and warm this morning.
Whoa, Mildred!
Hello there.
Guess I'm lost.
Must have got on the wrong road.

My! Quite a looker, that horse.
He's a looker, all right.
Maybe you can help me. I'm trying
to find that Methodist church.

Thy first turn's at the crossroads.
Bear right for three miles.

Is thee preaching there this morning?
- Who's preaching there?
- Thee?

- Who?
- Thee.

That's a dandy!
Son, I'm not a man of the cloth.

I sell organs.
Now, what in thunderation is all this
thee-ing and thou-ing about?

Bible talk to honor the Sabbath?
No, we talk that way weekdays too.
Excuse me, but it sounds mighty queer.
Who's "we"?
Quakers! Have you folks
got a church around here?

Yes, we call it a Meeting House.
It's just beyond the Methodist Church.

Hast thou an organ in thine
Meeting House, friend?

We don't hold with music playing.
What, no organ?
Dear me! Why, a church
without an organ...

:08:50 like a tree without a bird.
Wait till I talk
to that minister of yours.

He'll never be content
until he buys an organ.

I wish thee luck with the preacher.