Friendly Persuasion

Thee's not ugly.
I guess thee's pretty...
...for a girl.
Well, thank thee!
Thee's welcome.
Powie! I got Jeff Davis!
Powie! I got old Stonewall Jackson!
Powie! I got old Little Jess Birdwell!
Meet the real Stonewall Jackson...
...and thee won't feel so feisty.
Get up.

What would thee do
if thee met Old Stonewall?

Mama said not to talk about the war.
Mama said for thee to hurry up.
She's the preacher.
Meeting can't start till she's there.

And anyway, Caleb Cope and me
are riding our horses to Meeting.

Thee old long arms!
Look! Pa's warming up Red Rover.
How a horse can look so fast
and move so slow beats me.

Thee can hitch him up, Enoch.
You got him nice and warm this morning.
Whoa, Mildred!
Hello there.
Guess I'm lost.
Must have got on the wrong road.

My! Quite a looker, that horse.
He's a looker, all right.
Maybe you can help me. I'm trying
to find that Methodist church.