Friendly Persuasion

But did Mama dance?
No, child.
She was tempted to lift a foot,
but she married me instead.

Did thee propose then and there?
Dinner's ready.
Stay and eat with us?

Thank you, ma'am.
I'd be pleased to.

What about the fair?
- Come on, Josh, Jess.
- Can we go, Papa?

There's no point in putting temptation
in the children's paths.

We'd resist it.
We'd resist it as well as thee did.
Why can't we go?
She'll never let us go.
Mama's so straight-laced!

Maybe I can loosen up a few laces.
Isn't it ghastly, ladies and gentlemen?
Isn't it horrible?
This shining blade,
with the razor-edged blade...

...will pass through his mouth,
through his throat...

...into his very vitals!
And here we have Flame-o...
...the Human Volcano!
Do not deprive your children
of this educational act.

Let's get away from here.
- I promised Caleb I'd meet him.
- Mattie, look at the quilting with me.

Thee wants to see quilts, Josh wants to
meet Caleb, and I want to see livestock.

Let's meet...
...over here by the harvesting machine
in one hour.

Thee stay with me.
Oh, Josh.
There's a rock exhibit I think
thee and Caleb might find edifying.

- Rocks?
- Come along.