Friendly Persuasion

Take your chin off the board.
You'll tip it.

As you see, there's nothing here,
nothing here.

The pea's there,
and I put the shell over it.

Now, we move the shells.
Watch very closely.

Now where is the elusive little pea?
...will you go away?
Forty-eight reeds,
plus the tuba miraballis.

How many stops?
So you know organs!
It has eight stops
and this vox humana.

Cries like a baby, sighs like a woman.
I'm partial to music, but I'm a Quaker
and they're against music.

The Quaker!
Why, certainly I remember distinctly.
Thee, thy, thou...
Of course.

But I want you to know, sir,
I honor your prejudices...

Boys, let me tell you...
...there are two kinds of music just the
same as there are two kinds of women:

The uplifting kind and the...
Now, here.
You take the banjo. Now, there.
There is an instrument that stirs up
a man's worst passions.

Speech, ma'am!
Thank thee kindly.
Watch very closely. We go again.