Friendly Persuasion

Has thee forgotten thyself?
I'm to blame.
Mattie didn't want to dance.
I made her.

Let's look for thy father.
It's my last day of furlough.
I mean, I was hoping that Mattie
could stay with me for a while.

Gardiner, thy duties as a soldier
and Mattie's as a Quaker lie far apart.

God bless thee, Gard.
Come along.
That's a mighty fine fight.
A mighty fine fight!

Here's your coat.
All right, men. Now's your chance
to get the Billy Goat.

Who'd like to give me a silver dollar?
Is there one man...

Caleb Cope!
He can throw the Billy Goat!

- Which one is that?
- There.

You mean the Quaker man here?
Come on in here, Quaker man!
Thee shouldn't fight.
This ain't fighting.
This is just friendly wrestling.

Go get him, Quaker!
All right, gentlemen!
May the best man win.
Let's go!