Friendly Persuasion

Hold on. I want to talk to you.
Leave him alone.
It's against his principle to fight.

Losing a bet's against my principles.
I think you're in with the boss.

- No, sir.
- So why'd you stop?

- He's a Quaker.
- Shut up! Who wants to hear you?

- Let them alone! These boys believe...
- I know.

They believe in loving their neighbor.
I'm their neighbor.
Do you still love me?

I feel sorry for thee, friend.
Thee feels sorry for me?
Don't let him talk to you that way.
Milk sop!

If thee wants to hit
someone, friend, hit me.

It'll be a pleasure.
I'll take a whack at him.
You want to fight?
You aren't showing me nothing.
What's the matter, Quaker boy?

- What's the trouble, friend?
- Another friend!

Thee needs cooling off.
My hat!
- Let me up!
- Thee not thirsty, friend?

Is thee having an altercation?
Okay, let's break it up.
Come on.

Dancing! Gambling!
Wrestling! And...
- Sleeve-holders.
- Sleeve-holders?

I never saw sleeve-holders like that.
They're from...
...Pierre, in Paris.
Listen, thee dirty...
But Mama, he took my hat.