Friendly Persuasion

Is thee having an altercation?
Okay, let's break it up.
Come on.

Dancing! Gambling!
Wrestling! And...
- Sleeve-holders.
- Sleeve-holders?

I never saw sleeve-holders like that.
They're from...
...Pierre, in Paris.
Listen, thee dirty...
But Mama, he took my hat.
It'll be a pretty day. Be hot
the other side of the Ohio though.

I wish thee didn't have to
make this trip.

It's too close to the war to be safe.
Now, Eliza, I have to
see my customers...

...this time of the year.
Leave Josh at home then.
He's so young to be exposed to danger.

Thee can't keep him tied
to thy apron strings.

This trip will be good for him.
Horse is hitched, bags stowed away,
we're off! Let's go!

Is thee so anxious to leave home?
I want to see Ohio.
I'll miss thee.
Come on, Pa!
Take good care of Josh.