Friendly Persuasion

We'll drive my mare.
Give your animal a rest.
We can bed you down for the night.
That's very kind.
- But...
- Oh, now, no buts!

Glad to have some men around
for a change.

Go lay out some clean bedding,
will you?

All right, Ma.
Get going.
Pearl, take care of Josh
while we're gone.

Now, you just set right back here.
I don't want to be a bother.
You ain't no bother.
Sure is a nice place thee has here.
Want a smoke?
I don't smoke.
Want a drink?
I don't drink either.
Thee have one.
Not unless you do.
Is this a Narragansett Pacer?
You know that breed?
Thee's a favored woman.
That mare ain't got
but one real fault.

She won't be passed.
- Won't be passed?
- No, sir!