Friendly Persuasion

Thee have one.
Not unless you do.
Is this a Narragansett Pacer?
You know that breed?
Thee's a favored woman.
That mare ain't got
but one real fault.

She won't be passed.
- Won't be passed?
- No, sir!

What's the fault in that?
I've got three marriageable daughters.
A man ain't got any heart for courting
a girl he can't catch up with...

...let alone pass.
It shouldn't be hard to find
a horse willing to be passed.

Hello, Abigail!
That's old Whiskey Pete.
He ain't drawed a sober breath
in 30 years.

Fool's always trying to race somebody.
Old drunk!
Why don't thee let her out?
Don't fight her. Let her go!

I'm going to learn this consarned mare
she's got to be passed!