Friendly Persuasion

Put my hat on!
Pull it down!
Not that far!
What are you doing?
It's all right.
Easy, Lady. Easy.
Sorry, I kind of overreached myself,
grabbing the reins thataway.

Don't apologize.
For a man, it's suitable to beat
another man in a race on a public road.

Do you ever think about getting
thy girls a horse a mite more...

I've thought of it.
You've got a stylish animal.
Red Rover's a looker, all right.
Got racing notions?
Not that he can't pick up
his heels a bit.

But racing's a thing
he's got no stomach for.

You wouldn't consider a trade, I reckon.
I don't know.
A strong-minded animal like this
can be a plaguey nuisance.

A forceful man like yourself
could learn her better in no time.

If you's a mind to.
Seems a likely exchange.
Then let's shake on it.
Don't leave it hanging.
A handsome young drummer
Came by in the spring