Friendly Persuasion

I've thought of it.
You've got a stylish animal.
Red Rover's a looker, all right.
Got racing notions?
Not that he can't pick up
his heels a bit.

But racing's a thing
he's got no stomach for.

You wouldn't consider a trade, I reckon.
I don't know.
A strong-minded animal like this
can be a plaguey nuisance.

A forceful man like yourself
could learn her better in no time.

If you's a mind to.
Seems a likely exchange.
Then let's shake on it.
Don't leave it hanging.
A handsome young drummer
Came by in the spring

With beautiful laces
In cases
I'm sorry, she said
I can't buy anything
'Tis love that I need
More than laces
Won't you marry me
Marry me
Up to the altar please carry me
Give me combs for my curls
Made of silver and pearls

And a two-penny bridal bouquet
Hurry up
Hurry up
Hitch that old horse to the surrey up
And I'll vow to be true
To no one but you

So marry me, marry me, do
Dear Lady,
The handsome young drummer replied