Friendly Persuasion

Being kicked by a mule.
Did thee kill anybody?
I did a lot of shooting.
Thee won't go back now thee's wounded?
Not right away.
With the reb cavalry heading this way...
...l'm assigned to organize
the home guard.

Would they let me in the home guard?
Well, they need men.
Gard doesn't want to talk about the war.
Does thee, Gard?
No, Mattie.
If I went to Vernon...
We'll talk tomorrow.
All right.
We've got an organ!
An organ?
In your house?
What'd your mother say about that?
She made us put it up in the attic.
And what of thy son,
Friend Birdwell?

Has thee give him proper guidance?
With the help of God, our children
must make their own choices.

So before we talk any more
of war or blame...

...shall we seek wisdom
and strength in prayer?

Let us pray.
Watch thy head.
Must be the wind coming up.
Could be.
Today's acted like a weather breeder.