Friendly Persuasion

She made us put it up in the attic.
And what of thy son,
Friend Birdwell?

Has thee give him proper guidance?
With the help of God, our children
must make their own choices.

So before we talk any more
of war or blame...

...shall we seek wisdom
and strength in prayer?

Let us pray.
Watch thy head.
Must be the wind coming up.
Could be.
Today's acted like a weather breeder.

Friend, thee's got
a squeaky door upstairs.

My house needs attention.
And my soul needs repair!
Friends, let us lift
our hearts in prayer.

Father in heaven,
Creator of all good things...

...Author of harmony from birdsong
to thunder roll...

...restore harmony in our lives.
Amen to that.
Behold thy servant who has
strayed from righteousness.

Behold thy unworthy creature
whose head was turned by...

...the ways of the flesh.
Forgive him for racing on First Day
and forgetting that the road to glory...