Friendly Persuasion

I was clumsy.
With women it's hard
not to be sometimes.

The rebs are coming!
Morgan's Raiders have crossed the Ohio.
1500 horsemen burning and pillaging.

They're 30 miles from Vernon.
This time tomorrow they'll be here!

No need to shout.
- Did thee see their patrols?
- No, but I saw what they've done.

Barns burned, houses looted.
Go towards Vernon and see for thyself.

Did you see the militia?
They want every man who can carry a gun.
They figure to make a stand at Vernon.

Papa, our farm is going to be
overrun for sure!

That's probably true.
You're on the south side of the river.

You better take your family into the
woods tomorrow till the rebs have gone.

This is our home.
This is where we'll stay.

Mr. Birdwell, the Raiders don't draw
a line between soldiers and civilians.

They're the toughest Confederate troops,
and there's no telling what they'll do.

If they're going to come they're
going to come, like fire or flood.

If it's the Lord's will,
there's nothing we can do.

There's something I can do.
Have you got an extra gun?
Why, sure, Enoch.
I hate to cross you like this.
Don't seem grateful.
You folks have been mighty kind to me.
But you see, sir,
a runaway slave like me...

...I wouldn't stand a chance
with those men.

So if they're going to catch me...
...l'm going down fighting.
Thee's free.
Free to choose.
So am I.