Friendly Persuasion

Mr. Birdwell, the Raiders don't draw
a line between soldiers and civilians.

They're the toughest Confederate troops,
and there's no telling what they'll do.

If they're going to come they're
going to come, like fire or flood.

If it's the Lord's will,
there's nothing we can do.

There's something I can do.
Have you got an extra gun?
Why, sure, Enoch.
I hate to cross you like this.
Don't seem grateful.
You folks have been mighty kind to me.
But you see, sir,
a runaway slave like me...

...I wouldn't stand a chance
with those men.

So if they're going to catch me...
...l'm going down fighting.
Thee's free.
Free to choose.
So am I.
Thee can saddle up Tommy.
Thank you.
I'll go with thee.
Without asking us, son?
There's no need to go now.
Morning's soon enough.
I'll be in Vernon.
I'll meet thee there.
Better talk it over with your folks.
Tell Mattie goodbye.
Tell her when I get back, I hope to say
better what I was trying to tell her.

God bless thee.