My father said something
very interesting about filmmaking.

He was a director.
But he said,
if you divide filmmaking into three parts...

the preparation of the script, casting,
and all of the things that go before...

the second is directing the actors
and the actual shooting of the film...

and the third being...
the editing, all of the postproduction,
the publicity and the release of the film.

He said, "If you put a gun to my head
and said you have to give up...

"one of those three functions..."
he said, "I'd give up the directing."
He said, "If the script is right,
and they shoot some film...

"and I can get in the editing room with it,
I can make it work."

In Hollywood,
a new high for glamour is reached...

as Warner Brothers premieres
George Stevens' production Giant...

based on the novel by Edna Ferber.
An unprecedented turnout
of more than 2,000 screen celebrities...

other noted personalities
and press representatives arrive...

at the famed Chinese Theater
on Hollywood Boulevard...

in a formal, invitational event
that dazzles 10,000 spectators...

under a canopy
ofsky-reaching searchlights.

Three great star names in Giant...
Elizabeth Taylor...
Rock Hudson, James Dean.
And here in the forecourt of the theater...
are the footprints and handprints
ofGiant's stars...

and producer/director, George Stevens.
George had always tried
to do stories with great conscience.

A Place in the Sun was
a tremendous moral story.

Shane was a wonderful film.
He was a distinctly American director.
He had a sense of the country
and a sense of the land.