based on the novel by Edna Ferber.
An unprecedented turnout
of more than 2,000 screen celebrities...

other noted personalities
and press representatives arrive...

at the famed Chinese Theater
on Hollywood Boulevard...

in a formal, invitational event
that dazzles 10,000 spectators...

under a canopy
ofsky-reaching searchlights.

Three great star names in Giant...
Elizabeth Taylor...
Rock Hudson, James Dean.
And here in the forecourt of the theater...
are the footprints and handprints
ofGiant's stars...

and producer/director, George Stevens.
George had always tried
to do stories with great conscience.

A Place in the Sun was
a tremendous moral story.

Shane was a wonderful film.
He was a distinctly American director.
He had a sense of the country
and a sense of the land.

That's why I think Giant
was very important to him.

George Stevens, as a director,
was 10-plus!

As a human being...
he was very special,
and he was also a 10 or a 10-plus.

George was wonderful with actors.
He was tough on crew.
He could be tough because he was
a perfectionist, and he demanded a lot...

but with actors,
he just had a wonderful camaraderie.

He had a way of becoming whatever
your character was when he talked to you.

And I remember, the main scene I had
in the picture was Christmas morning...

when Bick talks to Bob Dace
about taking over the ranch eventually.

And I bring out
my greetings from President Roosevelt...

and say I can't because I've been drafted.
And I remember George...