War and Peace

As the 19th century began...
a darkening shadow
moved across the face of Europe.

This shadow was propelled
by the voice of one man...

Napoleon Bonaparte.
Only Russia and England
offered impressive resistance.

Over Russia the weather was clear...
the sun was shining.

Napoleon was a thousand miles away...
and the streets of Moscow
were excellent for parades.

Splendid sight. Splendid men.
Eh, Pierre?

- For parades.
- What do you mean by that?

Remember. I've seen
the French marching too.

Don't tell me they march
better than that.

Led by the greatest man in Europe.
A usurper. A murderer.
A deposer of kings.

A colossus.
A fresh wind.
A cleansing force.

What does your father say when
he hears you say things like that?

We don't talk about things
like that, my father and I.