War and Peace

Splendid sight. Splendid men.
Eh, Pierre?

- For parades.
- What do you mean by that?

Remember. I've seen
the French marching too.

Don't tell me they march
better than that.

Led by the greatest man in Europe.
A usurper. A murderer.
A deposer of kings.

A colossus.
A fresh wind.
A cleansing force.

What does your father say when
he hears you say things like that?

We don't talk about things
like that, my father and I.

How is he?
The doctors say
he will die at any moment.

Have you been to see him?
I'm waiting to be asked.
In heaven all things
will be arranged.

I believe that's the rumor.
Remember, Pierre, this is your home
when you want it to be...

and the Rostovs are your family
when you want them to be.

I smoke too much.
Isn't it lovely? How can you bear
not to go with them?

I can bear it.
If I were a man,
I'd be down there...

riding a terrible black horse,
waving a sword.

It's so unfair.
Men are the only people
permitted to have any fun.