War and Peace

- And you must be...
- Vasili Denisov, your son's friend.

I know. Nicholas wrote to us.
Darling. Welcome.
Isn't it wonderful?
Nicholas, you haven't said hello
to Sonya yet.

What's the sense of coming home from
a war if that's all you're gonna do?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Gwishka, my pipe.
Rostov, wake up.
- Why? Is it late?
- Late? It's 10:00.

- What?
- Get up, Nicholas.

Is this your saber
or yours?

Take that, you Frenchman!
- Here I come!
- At last!

Why did you stay in bed so long?
I've been waiting for you to get up.

You're quite a man, aren't you?
I'm awfully glad you're my brother.
I want to know what men are like.
Are you the same as all of them?
Sonya is so young.
You know, Sonya's my dearest friend.
If she loves someone,
she does it for life.

And she loves you and me
like that.

You remember before you went away?
Well, she told me
to forget all that.

She said, "I will love him always,
but let him be free. "

Isn't that lovely and noble?
- Isn't it?
- I'll never go back on my word.

We knew you'd say that,
but you see, it won't do.

Because if you marry her just because
you're bound by a promise...

it'll seem as if you're marrying her
because you must.