War and Peace

My protector. Thank you so much
for defending my honor.

You were told that Dolokhov
was my lover and you believed it.

Well, what did you prove?
That you are a fool,
but everybody knew that.

Now I will be the laughingstock
of all Moscow.

Everyone will say that you were drunk,
not knowing what you were doing.

Challenging a man that
you were jealous of without cause.

A man that is a better man
than you are in every way.

- We had better separate.
- Separate?

That's a charming idea.
It's a wonderful idea!

It's the best idea you've had
in your whole life.

Good. By all means we'll separate,
but you will pay for it.

You'll give me a fortune for it.
Get out!
The count is waiting for you
upstairs, sir.

- What have you heard?
- He'll recover. Dolokhov won't die.

Thank God.
It's only easier to kill good men.
Men like Dolokhov
are only good for wars.

In between wars, they ought
to be locked up in cages.

I'd like to leave Moscow.
I wanna get away from these people
who believe it's normal to kill...

who are scornful of a man
if he doesn't kill.

At the banquet,
when Dolokhov made the toast...

I looked across at him
smiling at me...

I was convinced of the guilt
of my wife.

Well, is that a reason to kill?
- Look, my dear fellow...
- Helene was guilty, not Dolokhov.