War and Peace

- I'm glad you stayed tonight.
- So am I.

- Aren't the Rostovs charming?
- Charming.

It's wonderful
to watch them together.

They're like a special race...
a race of handsome, healthy...

gay, thoughtless animals.
That's the most charming
of their characteristics.

- All of them, you think?
- All of them.

No, within a year or two, the girl,
Natasha, will begin to think.

That will make her even more
charming and less of a Rostov.

- You follow me?
- I think so.

I think it's bad for you...
it's wrong to stay down here...

year after year, brooding,
not seeing anyone...

living the life of a hermit.
Bad? Wrong?
There are only two things in this
life that are really wrong.

Remorse and illness.
When I've recovered from the both,
I'll go out in the world again.

Remorse? What have you got
to be remorseful for?

I was too late.
I let Lise die
feeling unloved, uncomforted.

I was too busy
on the trail of glory...

to take the time
to comfort my wife.

Well, I found glory.
I stopped the retreat
of a hundred men for five minutes.

I was left for dead on
a lost battlefield in a lost war.