War and Peace

I'll stop being a hermit...
when something happens to make me
forget all those things.

Well, I think I'd better
go to bed now.

Good night, Pierre.
Thank you again.
Good night, Andre.
Natasha, come to bed.
You'll catch cold.

I won't. I can't sleep.
What's the use?

After a day like this,
it's impossible to sleep.

How can anyone sleep?
Do just come and see what a moon.
Look how glorious it is.

Do you think
Prince Andre likes us?

- Of course he does.
- He's so silent.

He keeps sitting there as though
he's passing judgment on us.

I'm a little frightened of him,
aren't you?

I'm a little frightened,
and yet when I sang after dinner...

I wanted to go up to him
and take him by the hand...

look in his eyes
and sing just for him.

Poor man. He'd never come
here again if I'd done that.

Did you notice
he almost never smiles?

While I was singing, I turned
and caught him looking at me.

He was smiling then.
And I felt...
But it's almost
impossible to describe.

I felt as if
someone had given me...

the most enormous,
beautiful present.

Come to bed, Natasha.
It's terribly late.

Oh, you try to spoil everything.
A night like this,
I feel like hugging myself...

and straining tight as possible
and flying away.

- Take care! You'll fall out!
- All right.

But it is a shame to go in
on such a night.

It's as though you can hear
wonderful music...

and you just know that the next
song or the song after that...