War and Peace

will be the most beautiful thing
you've ever heard in your life.

And being pulled away
and missing it forever.

All right.
- The expression on my face.
- What about it?

- Do I look disdainful?
- No.

You're impossible.
I'm sure I look disdainful.

What do you want to look
disdainful for?

I thought if I looked bored
and disdainful...

nobody would notice that this is
the first ball I've ever been to.

- How's this? Better?
- Oh, that's much better.

- You must promise me one thing.
- What's that?

- Not to dance with me...
- Not a chance.

No matter if I just stand
against the wall for five hours...

and nobody comes over
and says a word to me.

No matter how much I seem
to be appealing to you...

you must absolutely promise me
not to ask me to dance.

- Why not?
- It will be too humiliating...

for the world to see the only
person who asked me to dance...

is my brother... out of pity.
- Promise?
- I promise.

What now?