War and Peace

- If you're caught, it'll mean jail.
- It will be worth it...

even if it is for one month
or one week with that girl.

There are some things in life
it's impossible not to have.

- The driver you sent for, Prince.
- Come here. Have a drink.

- You've got to drive far and fast.
- Call Matrevna.

- Tell her to bring the cloak.
- We go again, sir?

- Elopement.
- Oh, I like a job like that!

Youth, romance, excitement!
There's a priest of a sort
waiting for us at Tver.

Run down anyone
who tries to stop you.

There is a man for you!
- You want me?
- Now, you take this.

Listen to me. I know
something about this game.

You find the girl shivering
and having forgotten everything.

You wrap her up, for the minute
she gets into the cold night air...

there will be a stampede
back to the house for furs.

Papa awakened, Mama screaming,
tears, recriminations...

challenges, etcetera.
Always keep a young girl
warm, my boy.

Now, up with the collar!
- Take it.
- Yes, sir!

- But my cloak.
- I will get another one someday.

- But when?
- All take glasses! Yours.

Now, comrade
and friend of my youth...

we've had our fling,
we've lived and reveled.

Yeah. Now let's... farewell.
- To your health.
- To your health.

- How sad it is.
- Sure. Let's go.

Anatole! I still think
you shouldn't do it.

So do I.