War and Peace

You must leave Moscow.
You must never breathe
a word of this to anyone.

You must understand that
besides your pleasure...

there's such a thing
as other people's happiness.

You're willing to ruin a whole life
for the sake of your own amusement.

Well, amuse yourself with women
of your own rotten breed.

They're armed against you
with the same experience.

As a man of honor,
you can't talk to me that way.

- Is it satisfaction you want?
- Yes.

I take it back.
I beg your forgiveness.

Drive this gentleman
wherever he wants to go.

He's gone.
She's in her room.
What are you doing here?
I came to stop you.
Nothing is going to stop me
from going to him.

What do you plan to tell Andre
when you see him next time?

I'm never going to see Andre again.
I wrote to him, telling him everything.

Did you?
He's not good enough for you, is he?

No, you've got to go crawling
after a gambler and a liar...

the most notorious
woman-chaser in Moscow.

I'm going to him, I tell you.
I'm going to marry him!

Whatever he's told you, he's lying.
He's married already.

It isn't true.
Look at me, Natasha.
Could I purposely deceive you?