War and Peace

I hear he's in Moscow now.
Ask him...
Ask him to forgive me.
Yes, I will tell him,
but Natasha...

I know that can never be.
All is over.
Only I'm so tormented
by the wrong I've done him.

Tell him...
Tell him I beg him to forgive...
forgive me for everything.
I will tell him everything.
But one thing I beg of you...
Remember, I'm your friend.

If you want help, advice or simply
to open your heart to someone...

not now, but when your mind
is clearer... think of me.

I shall be happy,
if it's in my power.

Don't speak to me like that.
I'm not worth it.

Don't talk like that.
You have your whole life ahead of you.

Ahead of me? No.
All is over, all is lost.

Nonsense, Natasha.
Listen to me. Look.
If I were not myself,
but the handsomest, cleverest...

best man in the world,
and if I were free...

I would not hesitate for one moment
to ask on my knees...

for your hand and your love.