War and Peace

Because I've finally realized
you can't hate something...

you've never known
and don't understand.

How do you think the battle will go?
They say our position is good.

Success never depends on positions...
orders, plans,
or even on numbers.

The battle is won by men
determined to win it...

and despite those men at headquarters
who consider war a game.

War is the most
horrible thing in life.

If it were in my power,
I would not take one prisoner.

The French are my enemies!
They destroyed my home,
caused my father's death...

exiled my sister and my child.
Now they hope to destroy Moscow.
Why take prisoners?
That's playing at war.

Take no prisoners!
Kill and be killed! If there were
none of this playing at war...

we would go to war only when it was
worthwhile going to certain death...

as now.
I'm sorry.
Why should I burden you
with all this?

If we're both alive tomorrow night,
we'll have a bottle...

and we'll laugh at everything
I've said tonight.

Forgive me.
You're sleepy.

- It's time for me to sleep too.
- I'd like to stay here.

Go! I have no time for you now!
The only friends I have...

are the men who are gonna
fight at my side tomorrow.

Whether we meet again or not.
Take down a proclamation
to all troops.