War and Peace

We must attack tomorrow morning.
Do you agree, sir?
Yes, I agree, theoretically.
According to all the rules that
we have ever learned about warfare...

we must attack tomorrow morning.
But we cannot attack!
We are too exhausted to attack!
But, sire, if we retreat now...
We leave the ground to the enemy.
But he has paid
too high a price for it.

Finally, he will bleed to death
from this victory.

But it will be impossible
to make a stand in front of Moscow.

Yes, General, you are right.
Do you mean to abandon Russia's
ancient and sacred capital?

Russia's ancient and sacred capital?
Allow me to tell you,
Your Excellency...

that that question
has no meaning for a Russian.

Such a question cannot be put.
It is senseless!

The question I've asked you
and these gentlemen...

to meet to discuss
is a military one!

The question is of saving Russia!
Is it better to give up Moscow
without a battle...

or by accepting battle
lose the army as well as Moscow?

Well, gentlemen,
I see I am the one...

who has to pay
for the broken crockery.

Gentlemen, I've heard your views.
Some of you
will not agree with me...

but I, by the authority
entrusted to me...

by my sovereign and my country...
order a retreat.
No, faster! Faster!
The French will be here...

before we're ready to leave,
unless you move more quickly.

Now, come on.
Up! Up!