War and Peace

Is it better to give up Moscow
without a battle...

or by accepting battle
lose the army as well as Moscow?

Well, gentlemen,
I see I am the one...

who has to pay
for the broken crockery.

Gentlemen, I've heard your views.
Some of you
will not agree with me...

but I, by the authority
entrusted to me...

by my sovereign and my country...
order a retreat.
No, faster! Faster!
The French will be here...

before we're ready to leave,
unless you move more quickly.

Now, come on.
Up! Up!

Put all the glass things
in the front wagons.

And the books.
Put them in the low wagon.
- Here, take this. And this.
- Thank you.

And these gloves.
I'll never wear them again.

Thank you.