War and Peace

- Oh, my.
- Oh, those men, Papa.

I know.
It's very sad.

- Still, in a war...
- We must take them with us.

Papa, we're going
to unload everything...

and take every man
who's able to travel.

You're right.
So very right.

Take those back.
Put that down.

Vasilich, unload all the carts.
- Unload?
- Do as you're told.

You can tell your men
we'll find room for them all.

Thank you, sir.
- Papa!
- Come along now!

Take this off.
Take it all down.

Unload the carts.
Unload this cart completely.
Take it all down.

- Overboard with that.
- Take all that down.

You, come here.
Take down that terrible table.
Leave it behind. We don't need it.

Empty the cart straightaway.
All of this out.
You, come here and help.

Ilya, what is this?
They're unloading everything.

To make room for the wounded,
my dear.

But these are our things.
Things, things.
Things that can be bought.

Think what it means to be
left behind to all these men.

It isn't fair. The government
ought to care for the wounded.

Mama, you can't object.
Look at them.

You'd leave them behind to save
a few sticks of furniture?

Mama, suppose Nicholas
was one of them...

or Petya?
Of course you are right, darling.
I'm sorry, Ilya.
The chicks are teaching the hen.
Ten more minutes!
We leave in ten minutes.

I'm ready now, Ilya.
Now come along, girls.
In you get. Quickly, quickly.