War and Peace

That's impossible.
Impossible... and ridiculous!
There must be a surrender.
This is an insult!
They're going to pay for this.
- The skyline! Look!
- It's a village on fire.

- It could be Magdagachi.
- Look at it.

- Moscow is on fire.
- But it's so windy and dry.

- God have mercy.
- Save us.

Oh, it is Moscow.
Poor Moscow.

Natasha, Sonya, come and look.
Moscow's on fire.
- Moscow?
- Oh, no.

How terrible.
Let's go back to bed.
We have a long day tomorrow.

- Papa, I must talk to you.
- Again? Go back to bed.

You must give me your permission
to join the army.

You already know it.
It's no.

I must go where I can do
the most good for my country.

Your duty now
is not what you think.

Your duty is to stay with us
and to help your mother.

I'm sorry, Papa.
I've already made up my mind.