A Face in the Crowd

Somebody's looking for you.
Miss Jeffries!
Morning, Sheriff.
We've got what you want, we always
get a good haul on the 4th July.

Good. Come on, les go.
Here she comes, Bill.
Come in, and see what we've got.
Wait, I forgot my tape recorder.
Boys, this is Miss Marcia Jeffries.
How do you do?
Her uncle owns the radio station
in town, KGRK.

She's been doing a programme,
maybe you've heard it...

"A face in the crowd". A mighty nice
programme it is, too.

I know this is a little unusual...
but this morning she's going
to do her programme from here.

Miss Jeffries, the jail of Tawny
Hawk County is at your disposal.

Is very simple, you just talk into
this microphone in a natural voice.

We'll just chat back and forth.
This is completely informal...
so if anybody wants to sing a song
or tell an anecdote...