A Face in the Crowd

Come in, and see what we've got.
Wait, I forgot my tape recorder.
Boys, this is Miss Marcia Jeffries.
How do you do?
Her uncle owns the radio station
in town, KGRK.

She's been doing a programme,
maybe you've heard it...

"A face in the crowd". A mighty nice
programme it is, too.

I know this is a little unusual...
but this morning she's going
to do her programme from here.

Miss Jeffries, the jail of Tawny
Hawk County is at your disposal.

Is very simple, you just talk into
this microphone in a natural voice.

We'll just chat back and forth.
This is completely informal...
so if anybody wants to sing a song
or tell an anecdote...

a funny story...
Let me see. Beanie,
last time you were here...

I heard you sing something.
I ain't got my teeth with me
this time.

This is Radio KGRK, the voice
of North East Arkansas...

bringing you its morning feature,
"A face in the crowd".

Whose face?
It could be yours.

Or yours. People are fascinating
wherever you find them.

This is Marcia Jeffries,
looking for more faces...

this time from the county jail.
Say something.

Don't worry Ma,
everything's fine.

Nicest jail I've been in
in this part of the country.

Hey you, you can do something.
I got black skin,
but I ain't no minstrel.

I'm sorry, Miss Jeffries,
they're just an ordinary bunch.

Where's the drunk from last night
with the guitar? Whas his name?

- Rhodes. Thas him lying there...
- Go and wake him up.