A Face in the Crowd

Oh, bring on the sheriff...
with his great big old key.
Bring on old Big Jeff,
the sheriff of Pickett, Arkansas...

with his big old fat key.
To open up this nasty,
filthy jailhouse...

and make a free man of me.
You got any objections to
being a free man in the morning?

No, sir, I ain't.
Gonna be a free man
in the morning...

free man in the morning...
free man in the morning...
I know the reason...
All right, I'm ready.
Thank you, Lonesome Rhodes,
that was just fine.

You mean to tell me you
had that going all the time?

I'm a sneaky type.
Well, lock me up...
- You like him?
- Yes, sir.

By golly, I think you've got yourself
quite a fella there, quite a fella.

I'd sure like to use him on
our Early Bird Show from 7 to 8.

Would you let me, Uncle J. B?
Hello, get me the jail, Gladys.
- The jail?
- Thas right, the sheriff.

Or should I say, our future mayor.
That boy may be bashful, Marcia,
but he's pretty sweet on you.

The only thing I'm interested in...
is running the best radio programme
in North East Arkansas.

Hello, Big Jeff?
- Rhodes?
- Yes.

Thas the thing, J. B...
I was only holding him
on a drunk and disorderly.

You've no idea which way
he was headed?

There's only two ways out of town,
and I can hardly see him going west.

He'll be on the east road.
Les go after him.
There he is.