A Face in the Crowd

I'd sure like to use him on
our Early Bird Show from 7 to 8.

Would you let me, Uncle J. B?
Hello, get me the jail, Gladys.
- The jail?
- Thas right, the sheriff.

Or should I say, our future mayor.
That boy may be bashful, Marcia,
but he's pretty sweet on you.

The only thing I'm interested in...
is running the best radio programme
in North East Arkansas.

Hello, Big Jeff?
- Rhodes?
- Yes.

Thas the thing, J. B...
I was only holding him
on a drunk and disorderly.

You've no idea which way
he was headed?

There's only two ways out of town,
and I can hardly see him going west.

He'll be on the east road.
Les go after him.
There he is.
Hey! Morning!
We've been looking for you.
Yeah? What for?
This is my uncle, Mr. Jeffries,
who owns our radio station.

Well, how's it feel to be
a free man in the morning?

Where you headed now?
Port St Joe, Florida.
Thas a long walk.
Whas down there?

Oh, plenty of water and
plenty of fishing bridges...

and snapper boats,
and tarpon rolls...

You know, I've always wanted
to catch me a tarpon.

Whas to stop you?
I can't afford it.
I've got a radio station,
newspaper, printing business...

I'm president of the Caguanas...
I can't afford it.
Come on, Beanie.
Listen, I ain't got but 4 or 5 days
to make it to St. Joe.

Unless I steal somebody's car.
Wait a minute, we've got a job
for you.

Every morning on our station,
7 to 8.