A Face in the Crowd

But, if we find we get along...
you make it
a $1000 a week.

Yeah, you get the idea.
And transportation for yours truly
and my little Girl Friday...

not to mention Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Marcia Jeffries.

I'm glad you're going with him,
take care of him.

I'll sure try.
Take good care of yourself.
Come on, honey.
We'll be late, come on.

The train will leave,
come on.

Bye Lucy, so long, Luther,
you write to me now.

I'll be thinking of you.
Am I glad to shake that dump!
I was only kidding, honey...
you should know me better
than to believe everything I say.

Bye! Bye!
Good-bye and God bless
you good people!

If I'd known you'd put lipstick
on me, I'd have never come.

Stop complaining,
you look beautiful.

This is Mel Miller, the station's
assigned him as your writer.

You're gonna have an easy job.
I don't do much reading.

I just work out the continuity.
What are you, eastern college?
No, I went to school
in Nashville.