A Face in the Crowd

you should know me better
than to believe everything I say.

Bye! Bye!
Good-bye and God bless
you good people!

If I'd known you'd put lipstick
on me, I'd have never come.

Stop complaining,
you look beautiful.

This is Mel Miller, the station's
assigned him as your writer.

You're gonna have an easy job.
I don't do much reading.

I just work out the continuity.
What are you, eastern college?
No, I went to school
in Nashville.

I was Vanderbilt 44.
OK, Vanderbilt 44.
Mr. Rhodes, we're ready for you.
Hey, what are you doing
to that make-up?

10 seconds, ready on one,
stand by two...

Just be natural, easy
and relax, real country.

When that red light is on,
that camera is on you.

Now, put this in your mouth.
I think that straw's gonna be
a nice touch.

Here he is, a newcomer
to Memphis Television...

but sure to become an old friend.
"A face in the crowd",
starring that Arkansas traveller...

Lonesome Rhodes.
What do you want?