A Face in the Crowd

that in every strong society
from the Egyptians on...

the mass had to be guided
with a strong hand...

by a responsible elite.
Let us not forget that in TV
we have the greatest instrument...

for mass persuasion
in the history of the world.

I don't mean
to flatter you, sir...

What? Oh, yes. Well, le¬Ěs
have a go at it, shall we?

Roger, Roger!
Are you jotting this down?
First, I'll see if I can sell Henry
on the idea of a "Life" cover.

Remind me to call him for lunch.
I proudly dedicate to you...
the latest hybrid iris
of our horticultural laboratory.

The "Unusfloratorum"...
We girls call it
"The Lonesome Rhodes".

I christen thee
the "USS Rhodes".

And so, on behalf of our
great commonwealth...

I'm proud to dedicate
one of nature's wonders...

henceforth and forever
to be known as...

"Mount Rhodes".
And now, Lonesome,
back in those difficult days...

you had a pal.
We flew him to New York tonight...
to help recall the struggle
and joys of times gone by.

Because, Lonesome Rhodes,
you lived it!

Hey, Lonesome!