A Face in the Crowd

We girls call it
"The Lonesome Rhodes".

I christen thee
the "USS Rhodes".

And so, on behalf of our
great commonwealth...

I'm proud to dedicate
one of nature's wonders...

henceforth and forever
to be known as...

"Mount Rhodes".
And now, Lonesome,
back in those difficult days...

you had a pal.
We flew him to New York tonight...
to help recall the struggle
and joys of times gone by.

Because, Lonesome Rhodes,
you lived it!

Hey, Lonesome!
You old scoundrel,
where have you been?

Here, go out and get yourself
some good liquor.

Thank you, New York,
thank you, thank you!

Hey, listen to this...
The boys in our ward
at the Veterans' hospital...

just got together
and donated $9.75.

You ask me how I can keep going
17 hours without sleep?

Man, this is better than sleep!
Didn't I tell you, kid?
Didn't I tell you?

Do you still want me
to hold this sign?

As general manager of
the Sherry Towers...

is my honour to present you
with a gold key...

to the two top floors of
New York's finest hotel.

To the very top!
You can't get much higher.