Chikyu Boeigun

They also request to mate with Earth girls,
but they have abducted 3 of them already.

Although they are stronger than us,
we have to show them we can fight.

Start the military operations.
The Army is on alert and deploying
in great urgency.

Combat units are regrouping around
Mount Fuji.

After attending an important conference
Professor Adachi talks to the press.

We must all face something
that concerns us all, humans.

Our decision was taken, after long
talks and deliberations.

That is all for the day.
Welcome !
Have you seen the news?
Do you know what is happening?
It's the Mysterians, they want
to breed with our women.

Oh my god ...
- Oh, no ...

There is worse.
You have been chosen.

Don't joke with these things!
- I'm not joking at all.

You are under the protection of the police.
Joji ...
They must have obtained a picture
of the festival.