Chikyu Boeigun

Our decision was taken, after long
talks and deliberations.

That is all for the day.
Welcome !
Have you seen the news?
Do you know what is happening?
It's the Mysterians, they want
to breed with our women.

Oh my god ...
- Oh, no ...

There is worse.
You have been chosen.

Don't joke with these things!
- I'm not joking at all.

You are under the protection of the police.
Joji ...
They must have obtained a picture
of the festival.

That is correct.
Look, on the television !
You !
As you can see, I am still alive.
Atsumi, I know that the Army will
attack at 22:00. Make them stop.

As a scientist, you must do it.
Are the Mysterians forcing you
to say that?

No. I'm doing this for Earth.
Are 3 km too much to ask for?

You work for them ?
After having met them, I now know that
our scientists are no match for them.

Nothing can compare to their technology.
I'm speaking to you from a TV set
just to show you their superiority.