Chikyu Boeigun

That is correct.
Look, on the television !
You !
As you can see, I am still alive.
Atsumi, I know that the Army will
attack at 22:00. Make them stop.

As a scientist, you must do it.
Are the Mysterians forcing you
to say that?

No. I'm doing this for Earth.
Are 3 km too much to ask for?

You work for them ?
After having met them, I now know that
our scientists are no match for them.

Nothing can compare to their technology.
I'm speaking to you from a TV set
just to show you their superiority.

Don't start a war you have already lost.
If you want to contact me, just
turn on your TV. At any time.

Brother !
...instead Space isn't empty but
inhabited by superior races.

Let us put our differences aside
and face this menace together.

Shiraishi is with the Mysterians.
And how do you know that?
I have seen him on out TV set.
- On your TV set?!