Chikyu Boeigun

According to our technical staff this ray of
theirs is a gamma ray of 10,000 renkens.

It's an energy of level 10
In short, their ray has the power
of the great Kanto earthquake.

That much ?

People of Earth ...
People of Earth ...

The Mysterians do not want war.
We are only defending ourselves
and we will stop when the threat stops.

We simply request a 3 km zone
around our location.

We hope that the governments
will grant us that.

The Mysterians only want one thing,
peace on Earth.

We have been utterly defeated.
So, what is done now ?
We are studying the results of
our attack

Has anything been found?
-No, nothing at the time.

Teko, give me a report on our ground forces..
-Yes, chief.

Take a look at this.