Chikyu Boeigun

We hope that the governments
will grant us that.

The Mysterians only want one thing,
peace on Earth.

We have been utterly defeated.
So, what is done now ?
We are studying the results of
our attack

Has anything been found?
-No, nothing at the time.

Teko, give me a report on our ground forces..
-Yes, chief.

Take a look at this.
A Supersonic Atomic Heat Ray Cannon ?
- One of my teams is working on it.

Whether they like or not, the USA and
the USSR live on the same planet.

What is happening to Japan can happen
tomorrow to the USA or the USSR.

I'm sure that all the people on Earth
will get united against the Mysterians...

... Failing to do so, will be
the end of our human race.

If the Mysterians gain ground on
Earth, others will arrive.